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Please remember that microblading and permanent makeup is a form of tattooing and there are some medical conditions and medications that prevent clients from getting the service. If you have any questions, please email or call. Occasionally, a doctor's note can be accepted on a case-by-case basis.. 

Permanent cosmetics services cannot be performed if you are:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • No consumption of alcohol or caffeine within 24/48 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Taking immunosuppresion medication/have been diagnosed with an immune disorder.

  • Have any active infection.

  • Have an upcoming surgery within 4 weeks.

  • Taking blood thinning medication or substances (including alcohol or caffeine). (This is your responsibility to know)

  • Taking adderall.

  • Noncompliant with aftercare instructions.

  • Commonly suntan.

  • Diabetic.

  • Currently taking painkillers, street narcotics, or have drinking problems.

  • Taking krill oil/fish oil.

  • Have an undiagnosed/untreated heart issues.

  • Have taken antibiotics in the past 30 days.

  • Have tendency to keloid.

  • Have had peels/laser/microneedling/tinting/any chemicals within the past four weeks. (Invasive laser treatments six-twelve months)

  • Have taken accutane in the past year.

  • Have had laser resurfacing in the past year.

  • Have had botox injections on the forehead within 3 weeks.

  • At high risk of infection/must take antibiotics during dental work.

  • Trichotilloma diagnosis.

  • Most people who have had their brows tattooed in the past will be turned away. Please contact us with a photo of your brows to see if she will take you as a client prior to booking.

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